About Us

Mayhem is a 100% Bolivian company with more than 12 years’ experience (as of 2015) in the national travel market. We offer mountain bike tours in the La Paz and surroundings area with our specialty being the famous “World’s Most Dangerous Road” day trip out of La Paz.

We are a medium-sized company striving for growth with great human resources and willingness to offer our customers the best service we can provide. Originally started by a couple of ‘death road’ mountain biking guides, the company now employs more than a dozen people, all highly motivated and trained in order to offer a high standard of quality to all the customers who put their trust in us.

As well as professional guides, the Mayhem staff are keen BMX and Downhill MTB racers which has made them experienced and patient riders (we know not everyone is a ‘racer’ and that it takes time for anyone to get their bearings when practicing a new sport).

We do not boast “western” standards or “native” English-speaking guides, but we have the confidence to assert that as Bolivians, we are proud of our qualifications, training, bilingual guides and competent management. Our customers agree and proof of it can be seen through our raving TripAdvisor reviews and multimedia found on our website.

Our quality of service and top-notch know-how make us one of the few great companies you can trust to enjoy some unforgettable biking moments in Bolivia.